About Future World Design

What does your future look like?

 Ours is close to nature and values family and community. It is a world where we live self sufficiently and touch the land gently. Future World Design is achieved using the latest technology and the oldest philosophies.

"Many skills directed by a single vision creates unity and beauty."

We are a multi-discipline design company that specialises in many different types of architectural and graphic  design projects.



  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi Unit Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Resorts
  • Theme Parks
  • Social Night Clubs

Graphic Design

  • Print Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Website and Social Media Graphics
  • Logo and Brand Design
  • Copy & Content Writing
  • Book Design and Production
  • Signs and Displays

Our Australian-based company develops designs of the highest quality in every aspect. Our holistic approach  integrates the largest plan to the smallest detail and is forefront in every project regardless of size and budget.


Developing original concepts and directing the design development through to completion allows Future World Design to offer a complete design service. Critical to achieving built designs of a world class standard we incorporate realistic budgets, project organisation and efficient project scheduling from the very beginning of each project.


We have a decentralised office philosophy that utilises a team of small companies networked through technology. Assembling expertise tailored to fit each project creates a highly efficient business model. We have an association of local and international consultants with a wide range of experience who work with us on projects large and small. Using a workforce of small independent companies allows us to pool our collective knowledge and produce inspired designs without the overheads of traditional architecture and graphic design firms.


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